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11' MotoSUP Motorized Paddle Board SUP330M

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For the times your arms get tired of paddling, or for the days it is too windy to paddle and you simply want to enjoy a carefree cruise on the water, the SUP330M features a patent-pending design with a built-in folding transom for mounting an electric trolling motor. This unique design creates a fun 3-in-1 watercraft: stand up paddle board, sit-on-top kayak and electric motor boat!

This inflatable paddle board will ride nice even with the smallest 20-pound trolling motor, or cruise faster with a 55-pound electric motor. The wooden transom folds down for portable storage and is strong enough to support up to a 55-pound electric motor. The motorized paddle board is ideal for fishing or pleasure cruising. The SUP330M also features D-rings on each side of the board allows for the mounting of an optional kayak seat or low-profile beach chair, and additional D-rings on top of the board allow for attaching a motor battery with tie-down straps.

How it works - Suggested setup: The electric motor is to be installed on the transom in such way that the motor shaft touches the edge of the rear of the paddle board. A deep cycle battery 12V2Ah and above is to be secured to the surface D-ring with adjustable straps or bungee cords. One of the electric motor wires connects to wire from optional remote foot switch for trolling motors (sold on Ebay & Amazon for $20). Then, the remaining wire from motor and wire from remote switch connect to positive and negative battery terminals while matching colors of motor wires: red to red (+), black to black (-). Tighten the electric motor shaft in a straight-forward position in order to prevent the motor rotating left or right during operation, and set the motor speed throttle to the desired speed. The remote foot switch is then either placed on the surface of the board for stand up operation, or attached with a cable tie to beach chair or kayak seat strap. To start the motor and move the paddle board forward, simply engage foot switch. Release switch to stop board. To make wide turn left or right, use paddle board or kayak paddle, acting as a rudder. To make a sharp turn, stop the motor, use the paddle to make the turn, and then restart the motor.

What parts will you need: Electric trolling motor; kayak seat and paddle board or kayak paddles, sold in the Saturn accessories section; deep cycle 12V35Ah or 12V20Ah battery, depending on motor size; and a battery charger.


  • A set of D-rings along each side of the board allows for optional kayak seat attachment.
  • Raised rocker tip prevents curling and helps improve performance.
  • All Saturn paddle boards are constructed of 140mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Patent-pending easily removable large fin with no need for extra hardware is included.
  • A patent-pending folding wood transom at the paddle board rear.
  • Extra strips of PVC fabric overlapping critical seams, to allow inflation for up to 15psi (10-15psi ideal range)
  • 0.9mm PVC fabric on sides and double-thick PVC on top/bottom prevents punctures.
  • High-pressure hand pump with gauge, carry bag and repair kit are also included!
  • Not included: Electric motor, battery, paddles, seats and foot switch.
  • Download Inflatable Paddle Board Manual for more information.

Tech Specs

Loading Capacity:
320 lbs
Overall length:
Overall Width:
Person Capacity:
Shipping Size:
27 lbs
Shipping Weight:
39 lbs
1100 Denier Reinforced PVC
Overall Thinkness:
Max Capacity:
Suggested Capacity:

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